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I´m soo into english right now so lets take it in english! hahha! sorry about my very bad update this weekend, but havn´t been with a computer so then it´s not so easy to blog! I just wrote my first post on our school fashion blog, and i post it here to so you can read it!

thanks for the weekend guys! love u♥

Now im gonna watch ensam mamma söker, and after that my english probobly will be gone. talk to you soon!

Futuristic, modern and BLACK!

This fall is very dark, and the color black is showed everywhere. You can be black from head to toe and jet dont be boring. You just mix different materials and add some hot accessories. Velvet, skin, suede and knitwear are just a few modern materials this fall.
This fashion breathes a bit of future and it´s quite extrem, definitely not for everyone. Many peoples probably wolud say things like: Oh my god, I would so never wear that. Or: She looks ugly. But as always in fashion, people have different styles. And fashion is not always pretty, maybe it´s ugly but jet it´s fashion! This trend is, as I said, not for everyone. It´s probably to extrem, to dark, to raw and to protruding. All people in this world do not want to "pop out", they dont want people to turn around and watch.

A person who´s not afraid what other people thinks is Lady GaGa her self. She has totally grabbed this style and maid it hers, and who of us can honestly say that we never heard of her extrem outfits. Of course her outfits are even more extrem than what i´m going to show, but i think everyday- and regular party fashion. She goes to this big Galas, she´s doing music videos and is a celebirty. But for this style she´s definitly a role model.
Watch this outfits under here and be inspired by her.

But for us "regular people" this kind of clothes may be a bit to much for the everday where. But then I have found some clothes that will look awesome and that you can where everyday, and jet not look boring. People will still look at you, but not because you are "to much", but because you are modern. You will send out signals of confidense and you will draw peoples attension on you. Do you love to be in the spotlight? And you like fashion? And probably the most important question, do you love black? Then this style is for you!

from H&M

In this trend we also see some inner trends, for starter shoulders. Your shoulders should be in center, there will be clearly selected. They don´t have to stand out from the body like this picture in under here, it can be just a detail like a chain or something. And why not let the creative side of you work and sew on a chain all by your self.

Another "trend in the trend" is rivets. On shoes, bracelets, belts, jackets, earrings, everywhere! For example this skin-jackets from H&M, mix it up with a nice scarf and this cool gloves from topshop.

Meet the fall in black! For more black fashion visit us on friday..


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